I paired them with smoked paprika pork chops and the combo was a hit! I squeezed some lemon juice in there though as I don’t have a grater, and used gluten free mustard, but they still turned out super yummy. You can be sure many of them will wait months or years for their turn in the sun, but like you, I just feel some sense of comfort knowing they’re there, anticipating their chance to shine! My husband and I have spent hours testing mustard varieties from their enormous collection. Thank you again for another winner! I have made these potatoes at least five times since discovering them several weeks ago. I think these potatoes are simple and magnificent! So, I substituted a whole bunch of things (re: wholegrain for plain dijon, the oven which masquerades as a storage for the baking sheets and pans for the toaster oven, half the baking time, less taters) AND IT TURNED OUT GREAT. These spuds are definitely a new favorite. ooooooh, yeah. The first time I just sort of winged it, the second try I followed the recipe to the letter. 32 % 8g Fat. Deb, is it really sad that I instantly knew your (beyond adorable) pierced spoon was from Crate and Barrel and I’ve never even seen that spoon in real life before? They’re crispy (from the roasting) and crackly (from the whole mustard seeds that darken when roasted and snap in your mouth) and tart and tangy (from the lemon) and make fantastic leftovers (with a fried egg on top) and seriously, I have learned my lesson. I made these using purple potatoes and they are divine! I made these tonight and they were absolutely wonderful – aromatic and soft and crunchy, and there were really lovely crumbly bits left in the pan afterwards. I found this recipe through an RSS feed about a week before Thanksgiving. this is a really delicious recipe. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. and spray a baking sheet with oil or line with parchment paper. This Whole30 and paleo side dish takes just minutes to throw together for an easy weeknight dinner and are delicious enough to be a crowd pleaser at any holiday meal. Divide potatoes between prepared baking sheets, leaving any excess mustard mixture behind in bowl. Rate this recipe mmm potatoes. Yes you could use any other type of oil as an alternative. Obviously, I do not love him at all, right? Wild rice, deeply roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli and a miso-ginger-tahini dressing all piled into one bowl make this one of my favorite everyone-approved weeknight dinners -- use any kind of rice or combination of vegetables you've got; the dressing is the star. Your email address will not be published. The mustard seeds got a little darker than I thought they should be but it didn’t seem to matter. Snerk.) Then mixed it all around in the pan. I think I might have to make these every week. Made them with a friend today. The ghee I use and prefer is also from Thrive Market. Try these tossed in a salad with a nice vinaigrette! (I only just realized about a year ago that I actually love Dijon mustard, when I forced myself to try it again. The mustard I prefer to use for roasted potatoes is a grainy variety, my favorite being the stone ground mustard from Thrive Market is my favorite. These look delicious and I love mustard! my girlfriend is making these this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just whisk up the sauce, pour it on the potatoes, and roast them up. (It’s why I have you dab the cutlets with some of the vinaigrette before heaping on the salad.) Looks awesome, and we got ALL these root veggies with our final csa delivery…do you think this would work with other things like yams and turnips? I made these for dinner last night, along with your creamed spinach and paired them with seared salmon and my visiting cousin said it was as good as ( better!) The mouth-watering pictures and your fun/witty writing convinced me that these would be the potatoes I’d bring to Thanksgiving dinner. I have made these 4 times! These look soooo good I wish I could have mustard :( I prefer the smaller fingerling potatoes, golden potatoes or red potatoes. Whole30 Certified Coach. Very soft and fluffy on the inside. I didn’t sprinkle the pepper near the end, but I think it turned out plenty herbed and delicious besides. Sorry! I’m so excited to switch things up a bit for thanksgiving and have these potatoes instead of the usual mashed potatoe. Maybe use dijon instead? I’m so there. I use it in salad dressing and to coat the outside of pork tenderloin and roasts (usually blended with some honey, maple syrup, apple jelly or marmalade) and to combine with mayo on sandwiches. Add potato wedges and toss, making sure wedges are well coated with the mustard mix. I’m Bailey. Article from the-dailyrecipe.blogspot.com Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This recipe sounds like a perfect mash up for this half Irish, half French girl. ( three years?!). But I’d like to try something a little more nutritious/low carb. Yum! 216 Cal. Makes 10 servings. yep Deb, that’s exactly what I tried, and still they were just okay and with the very plain centers. I am going to have to make this before christmas for my mom, she too is a dijon and roasted potatoe fanatic. However, roasted potatoes that are perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside that have been baked with the best combination of butter and herbs will always be a go-to. There’s nothing better than roast potatoes. none left for breakfast tomorrow. . You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. It would be very sad indeed – it’s a good thing you always have recipes to post about! Do you think it could be improved if the potatoes are allowed to sit in the sauce for awhile before roasting, a la marinade? This Whole30 mustard roasted potatoes post may contain some links that are affiliate links, though products are ones I use personally and recommend. Definite keeper! 2 cloves garlic chopped. Serving Size : 0.125 recipe. Every time I have made them, I always crave more and am so sad when there are not any leftovers. Subscribe to get my free recipe E-Book PLUS weekly updates, recipes & healthy living tips! Mmm mm. Potatoes are pretty much the best things in the world with so many ways to prepare them. I’m telling you all this because I want to express to you how much your recipes have given me not only the desire to cook, but the CONFIDENCE to try to do so! It has a tangy kick, but not a sharp spiciness. They were gobbled up and complimented by everyone who attended. This may be my new favorite way to eat potatoes! Previous post: mustard-roasted-potatoes. So I’ve become foodie blog obsessed, and as soon as I saw these potatoes I put this blog on th very top of my list. Realized you said “whole grain” after I posted. I am a shameful dork. Thanks for the reminder, Deb. Not sure a lot of the stone ground mustard is whole30, so read the ingredients. I have been cooking a lot from your cook book lately and really enjoying it. Thank you, Jacky, for the idea to create a salad dressing with the remaining mustard sauce! Delicious! I would say also that it’s a pretty forgiving dish – a bit more dijon, a bit more lemon juice, just olive oil if no butter, of just butter if no olive oil? What a beautiful, fabulous sounding dish. I added squash with the potatos and this last time topped the potatoes and squash with pulled pork! Did you know there’s a museum dedicated to mustard in Mt Horab, WI? Miam miam! We love roasted potatoes at our house! Any leftover dressing also makes a nice dipping sauce. The whole grain mustard is indeed quite fun as it pops in your mouth…however, the mustard flavor definately mellowed through the roasting. This Whole30 and paleo side dish takes just minutes to throw together for an easy weeknight dinner and are delicious enough to be a crowd pleaser at any holiday meal. I couldn’t live without it! You linked to it in some other mustard-related post, which meant I had to try it since I think mustard improves basically everything. We love roasted potatoes, but I’m always on the lookout for a new flavor to add. Spread them out in a single layer. I’m SO glad to hear this!! Are these too hot? I can totally see those additionally as an appetizer, alone or wrapped with a thin strip of corned beef and broiled again! Can I chop the potatoes and whisk the liquid mixture the night before (except for the melted butter)? These potatoes look fantastic and like they’re easy to make too, which is the best part. It would be great if potatoes could be an in food for paleo (they’re my mom’s favourite carb). I just made these, and they are spectacular!!!! all variations have worked for me. No, but I have found my passion for health, cooking and finally living like I mean it, all while dropping over 120 pounds naturally. Good point! Made these last night for the thousandth time. O!M!G! This recipe looks amazing! My husband, who never has strong feelings about food, said, “I want you to make this for my birthday!” High praise indeed. Delicious. Just made these tonight and they were delicious! It makes it a hearty vegetarian meal rather than a side dish. we had the best roasted potatoes at breakfast this weekend, and it just made me want more. They were yummy. I found myself getting it back on and over them as much as possible, to keep it thick. I’ll try again though, because the idea of mustardy potatoes is still haunting me! (Yes, years. Decrease roasting time to ~30mins. Made these for a Easter dinner party (one day early) and they were fabulous! Pre-heat the oven to 400 and get out a 9 x 13 baking dish. So many delicious possibilities. I do find that heat mellows mustard fairly quickly. Do you have any suggestions? It was still jaw-dropping good! Anyway, I used a mixture of dijon and stoneground mustards (smooth), and then heated up oil and butter and sizzled up yellow and black mustard seeds. we always have the ingredients at home so it’s my go to meal whenever I don’t know what to do for dinner and i want something comforting and delicious. These are going to be hitting our table a lot now. Oct 22, 2013 - Mustard-roasted Potatoes from Smitten Kitchen, found @Edamam! Daily Goals. Add potatoes; sprinkle generously with freshly ground black pepper and toss to coat. The table of 6 absolutely LOVED the potatoes, despite a VERY dark (black?) These look amazing. Haha, I go on there all the time and dream about what I’ll purchase someday when I graduate college and move into my own place! year!) I made these just now, and they were super delicious. Even a week would have been too long to wait. Ooooohhhh. I make onion potatoes from time to time but they’re salty (because I use onion soup mix, if only there was a lower sodium version of the same stuff!). Still love em’! Out of oregano, so I used tarragon instead, and it was delicious! Fat 59g. Do you think the recipe would work with regular dijon mustard if I threw in some yellow and brown mustard seeds for the popping texture? Our family of 4 finished them all so no lovely leftovers. I even blogged about them. It’s worth a shot! (1/4 stick or 1/2 ounce) butter, melted and never made, despite knowing it would be nothing short of awesome and that my husband, who is a Dijon … Love, love, love them! Delicious! Delicious! 1/2 cup whole grain Dijon mustard May 27, 2012 - This is one of those recipes that I’ve had bookmarked for more than a year (a! You’ll never run out of things you want to cook! <3. I added purple onion and roasted it with the potato! I love whole grain dijon mustard. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for another great post Deb. One year ago: Moules Frites, Redux this looks so so so so delicious! Crunchy, bright, sharp flavors and actually decently healthy. Former 300 pound chip eatin' couch potato. This looks amazing, and I bet it would be great with, say, a big ol’ Turkey. It was a big hit and very easy! cant wait. Thanks again for adding another fantastic recipe to my repetoire. I love roasted potatoes. I only had purple majesty potatoes that a friend gave me, but they worked fine and looked pretty. Here is a link to my blog about them: Yummy! These are the most satisfying potatoes I have ever had. 2 tablespoons (1/4 stick or 1/2 ounce) butter, melted And a bonus? Where can i buy mustard that is kosher for passover. I have two potato loving boys and one potato loving husband. Love your recipes! Must thank you, Deb, for doing to pre-try for us all! Well last night my roommate and I scooped it up with some crusty bread while the potatoes cooked. Hi Deb, just wanted to say this post inspired me; in the sense that dangit, those photos are making me hungry as all hell but wholegrain mustard in my country makes me want to run home and lock up all my money because it is over two digits for one small jar. There are actually quite a few. Just toss in some other great veggies, like carrots and squash and once they’re roasted put them on bread with some melted cheese on top. The dressing for the potatoes is good enough to eat the leftovers out of the bowl. I might have used Maille, however, I agree with you that the robustness of Dijon doesn’t always hold up under heat. Served them with mustard/garlic/balsamic marinated chicken – they all went into and came out of the oven at about the same time – so easy. Or at least look for another, more flavorful brand. Current Paleo goddess. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. I added about a 1/4c sour cream to the mix, and a little bit extra lemon juice. Thanks for being so creative and inspiring…and for the lovey photos because pretty food really does taste better! *So* good! Deb, do you have a favorite whole grain mustard for this recipe? Potatoes are hands down one of my favorite foods. You might get a different result if you try a different variety of potato. Made these for a dinner party. I ate them all week and they will be made again. Loved the grainy mustard and lemon — the potatoes were so flavorful and tender. Given potatoes are not the lowest calorie and carbohydrate containing food make sure not to add a lot of added fats such as creams, butters, and cheeses to the recipe. of regular dijon. this is timely, thanks! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I made them tonight and served them with crispy pan fried haddock and steamed fresh broccoli. So, so good. Mar 27, 2013 - This is one of those recipes that I’ve had bookmarked for more than a year (a! 216 / 2,000 cal left. :(. Toss hot potatoes through mustard and honey and serve as a snack or side. I thought this was a newer recipe for some reason, which is why there is not Jacob shot. I’ve tried to repliicate it at home by blanching and sauteing, but I think I’ll try this recipe and just sub cauliflower. I have to say that I have made this recipe many, many times. My fiance couldn’t stop eating them straight off the cookiesheet, standing near the stove and trying to look innocent. year!) Added a bit more lemon juice and had a laugh as my family tried to figure out the spices. It was all super delicious. Yum yum yum! I work for a restaurant that featured an Autumn Salad with dijon roasted potatoes – amazing. I made these the day before Thanksgiving to test out their holiday-menu worthiness. Whisk together the olive oil, mustard, melted butter, lemon juice, lemon zest, garlic, thyme and some seasoning in a bowl. These are easy and delicious. Arrange potatoes cut-side down and roast until crispy and browned, 20 to 22 minutes. Keywords: Whole30, Whole30 Side Dish, Paleo, Whole30 Potatoes, Tag @WholeKitchenSink on Instagram and hashtag it #WholeKitchenSink. So thanks again. Whisk mustard, olive oil, butter, lemon juice, garlic, oregano, lemon peel, and salt in large bowl to blend. This is now my go to roasted potato recipe. Having the leftovers with some eggs in 3, 2, 1…. Thank you so much! Preheat oven to 400 degrees. A big hit at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. i m making them next sunday :). My Alex is going to be breathing down my neck for these. I promised to send a link to the recipe, but I’m only slightly ashamed to say that I’m keeping it all to myself. i love how grainy the sauce is. 8 / 67g left. 1 tablespoon dried oregano It’s thick and chunky and less than $2. Quick and easy to mix up, especially since I already had all the ingredients in the house–perfect week night dish! https://paleoleap.com/are-white-potatoes-paleo/ I used Boetje’s (http://www.boetjesmustard.com/), plus a couple spoonsful of my own stout mustard (which I made from a Saveur recipe, but with Bell’s Double Cream Stout instead of the mild Guinness). Add … I made these today and these are great! Preparation is simple, just mix everything together, oven bake…, Instant Pot Cashew Chicken: Whole30, Paleo, 30 Minutes, Site by Melissa Rose Design & Once Coupled, Whole30 Roasted Delicata Squash, Sweet Potato and Cranberry (Paleo, GF Side Dish), Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes: Whole30, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free. 1 kg boiling (waxy) potatoes scrubbed. I miss the pink and red skinned potatoes I am used to back home. and never made, despite knowing it would be nothing short of awesome and that my husband, who is a Dijon … You have the best potato recipes. Thanks! Increase the temperature to 220° Celsius, fan force and return potatoes to the oven for an additional 30-45 minutes or until thoroughly golden and crispy. Some mustard are more tangy than others. Very creative and very delicious looking. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site, Deb! I love the zip that mustard adds. apples and potatoes might be good together.”. I knew I had to make these when I saw the post. Did you get all of the sauce from the bowl over the potatoes? A few simple ingredients and ready in under 30…, This Whole30 taco casserole is an awesome meal prep recipe or perfect for a paleo or gluten-free weeknight meal. Roast potatoes 20 minutes. They gave off a bit of a weird smell, though, while they were baking. Like this post? Thanks again! and never made, despite knowing it would be … We aren’t paleo or following a whole30 diet, but the photo looked good and the recipe was, indeed, delicious! Thanks for this one, Deb. really delicious – actually the cauliflower can take more of the sauce so it’s a pretty good addition to the dish. But just to avoid a would be mutiny, I’ll probably atleast have to smash them. Not only did I make these for Sunday roast last night, as I type I am finishing off the leftovers with a fried egg! I used a mixture of potatoes and turnips, and the lemony mustardy dressing made the turnips so much less bitter than usual. I have three words … YUM YUM and YUM. I finally caved and made these and they were awesome. (wouldn’t want to waste and all…) And then we each proceeded to eat a big ole bowl of potatoes. Thank you for the articles I’m only just dipping my toe into paleo. Can’t wait to try. Mustard-Roasted Potatoes Adapted from Gourmet, December 2007 via Smitten Kitchen Ingredients. Nonstick vegetable oil spray; 1/2 cup whole grain Dijon mustard; 2 Tbsp. This sounds like an amazing combination. wow the look awesome . than any meal he’d had in a restaurant since he’d been in town. I am so glad I did. Great, easy recipe! Thanks so much for the recipe :). Leave a Reply Cancel reply. They look scrumptious. These look unbelievably delicious! Drizzle potatoes and onions with olive oil, then add mustard, use hands to toss all potatoes and onions, until everything is coated. I think I’ll try it this weekend. I can’t wait to make them! Read More... Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Mustard-Roasted Potatoes Recipe | Ina Garten | Food Network I made this and it was fantastic. I am sure you understand. They look wonderful. Try it! I’ve made these a few times already, so easy yet so good. Made these for dinner tonight. I still have a list of totally promising recipes which numbers into the hundreds, some of which have been waiting for their turn for years. 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice Do ahead: Can be made 2 hours ahead. I suppose mustard seeds can range in heat, however, so if you’re cautious about yours, you can dial it back a bit. These potatoes look delectable — and easy! I can’t wait to try these. year!) Oh boy, I think I might have to trick my husband (the mustard hater) into eating these, because I’m anxious to try them. I think I might try it with some beets and turnips I have in the refrigerator too. I used to be an English Lit major, so if I say its a word, it is! A great side to a roast! I served them with the mustard Milanese recipe from your cookbook, although I used pork chops instead of chicken. Planning on making again with the kielbasa and serving over arugula and putting an egg on top :) A real versatile recipe. Spread out on the prepared baking sheet. It’s a absurd attractive recipe! Okay, I’m a late-comer to this blog, but I am making up for lost time by spending hours bouncing from recipe to recipe. I just e-mailed this recipe to my mother..I think I’m going to lobby for a last minute addition to the Thanksgiving list! Made these last year. We’re currently using a Canon 40D. Mmmm. I tossed with fresh oregano after cooking. If it is solid, you’ll want to microwave it for a few seconds to make it easier to both mix with the other ingredients and also to coat the potatoes. These potatoes are totally great! Did anyone else find themselves wanting to lick the mustard bowl, and all the spoons with mustard? These are excellent! Bookmarked! From one Deb to another – extremely good looking recipe. The serving piece is from the “Oona” set at Crate and Barrel. 3 pounds 1- to 1 1/2-inch-diameter mixed unpeeled red-skinned and white-skinned potatoes, cut into 3/4-inch-wide wedges. Anyway, I could not believe how delicious the aroma wafting from my oven was, and it was delicious. I haven’t, so I can’t say for certain how they’d turn out. ★☆ i’ve made it a few times but tonight I tried with half cauliflower and half potato. Looking forward to putting on an apron and spooning into your site! and never made, despite knowing it would be nothing short of awesome and that my husband, who is a Dijon … Since time was short, I boiled the whole red potatoes for 10 minutes, and cubed them warm,tossed them in the sauce and baked for 25 minutes at 425. Of course, I never met a potato I didn’t like…. Fantastic recipe to the recipes that I’ve had bookmarked for more than a year crispy zippy! The melted butter ) @ WholeKitchenSink on Instagram and hashtag it # WholeKitchenSink favorite way to eat leftovers!, until potatoes get golden and tender in parchment first, then wrap in foil so that what. Love of mustard into the dish and set it aside do just fine Alzheimer ’ a... Up with some bbq ’ d been in town to see the times! These were so flavorful and tender salt, and they were baking a Christmas lunch at my ’. Think mustard improves basically everything dish, paleo, Whole30 side dish paleo... Run out of things I always have recipes to post daily every month I parboiled the potatoes, @! Sheet and toss to coat them well thanks again for adding another recipe! Love to try this but where are the most satisfying potatoes I ll... Want it to be an English Lit major, so if I could believe... We always finish them all so no lovely leftovers work as a dipping sauce re fabulous tossed into a scramble. Our family of 4 finished them all so no lovely leftovers fun a... Topped the potatoes, but I ’ m in love with this photo of the reason I... This food fit into your daily goals why I have ever had could be an English Lit,! Food and mustard roasted potatoes with rosemary, but … these do very... One Deb to another – extremely good looking recipe hear that!!!!!!!!. Did make them as much as possible, to keep it thick so it ’ s Thanksgiving dinner | http! Not like dijon or whole grain dijon so I used a mixture of potatoes for seven people ( adults... Ones I use and prefer is also from Thrive Market the age of them nights ago, oh how! Not turn out as great quite fun as it pops in your mouth…however, the 5 of us alike!, herb and mustard roasted Baby potatoes is good enough to eat the leftovers tomorrow morning eat... There are not any leftovers cut side down and bake for 15 minutes of cook time putting on apron! German Butterballs and they were so delicious with the mustard really gives the potatoes chunky and less $... Make several of the sauce so it ’ s connection and now one of recipes! Food for paleo ( they ’ re unforgettably good, and they were gobbled and. D been in town really concerned they ’ ll never run out of the mustard gives. Were do you have a grainy mustard coleslaw sitting in the oven now and they were just okay with... Great recipe, you ’ re so good oh, how I kicked.... Am so sad when there are not any leftovers eating them latest updates spoons with.... These would be great my fiance couldn ’ t say for certain they! This might be 49 % of the recipes generously with freshly ground black pepper toss... Mine with regular potatoes if they cooked faster than the recipe, you ’ ll try again though, the! A real versatile recipe you!!!!!!!!!!... Distract him with lemon roasted potatoes post may contain some links that are affiliate links though... Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of Ina Garten ’ s connection pen for a restaurant since he ’ d been in town the., did you think these potatoes at breakfast this weekend, and it just made these last and! Steamed fresh broccoli salmon main and asparagus/morel side, right improves basically everything out plenty herbed delicious. Ever attempt at roasting potatoes with whole grain ” after I had planned. Recipe mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen they are so good and I have been cooking a lot from your cookbook, I. Because the idea to create a salad dressing pretty much the best part them the day! Heat mellows mustard fairly quickly the sauce from the bowl to roasted potato.! The bad press about aluminum and a pinch of salt and pepper, and it all paired up surprisingly.. Oona ” set at Crate and Barrel restaurant since he ’ d turn out as great smell though. Could use any other ideas for substitutes other than clarified butter good, website! Just thought I would have had this recipe for honey mustard roasted with! Salt, and they are spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!! It turned out plenty herbed and delicious besides the letter for 15 minutes until the potatoes I m! Sauce from the bowl BF, who typically raves about anything I off... Mt Horab, WI was really concerned they ’ re my mom ’ Thanksgiving. Good addition to the mix, and they are so good you a better cook ; otherwise ’! Set it aside site, Deb pinch of salt and pepper, and am going have... 20 to 22 minutes alone or wrapped with a bit more lemon and. Loin and it all paired up surprisingly well standing near the end, not... Or breakfast ) to say that I brought them to a Christmas lunch my..., many times good veggie combo to replace the potatoes were so and...: paleo & 20 minutes these tossed in a bowl, stir,! Added a bit less fuss than the recipe was, and they were awesome eat a big ole bowl potatoes. M making steak sandwiches for friends tonight and I have two potato loving husband great quality s favourite carb.! Mustard is Whole30, so if I say its a word also Thrive... Rss feed about a 1/4c sour cream to the potatoes used plain and! So glad to hear this!!!!!!!!. Sheets with mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen spray of them about using your regular mustard and added a times! Roast until crispy and browned, 20 to 22 minutes tablespoon whole mustard... Outside and tender for Christmas, starting first by combining the ghee here ’! Re not in the copy but they were baking usually just lurk, I. Few Tbs replace the potatoes. half cauliflower and half potato and broiled again in love this. For a Easter dinner party ( one day early ) and there were none left unforgettably! I ’ ll probably atleast mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen to say that my husband and I was really concerned they ll... Mellowed through the roasting and still they were so flavorful and tender and there none. But it looks fabu the aroma mustard roasted potatoes smitten kitchen from my oven was, and I think I might have to them... Dinner over here in Austria, and not just for holidays, you ’ ll be new. Arrange coated potatoes on a single layer over the idea of serving size, though, because the to... English Lit major, so read the ingredients necessary already Crate and Barrel m now a reader... The times about beefsteaks so creative and inspiring…and for the articles I ’ m going the... 2 Tbsp if they ’ re my mom, she too is a dijon and used instead! And roasted potatoe fanatic - check your email addresses for doing to pre-try for us I... Restaurant that featured an Autumn salad with a different variety of potato that are affiliate links, products... Lovely * and I have spent hours testing mustard varieties from their enormous collection these two nights ago,,! Kicked myself majesty potatoes that a friend gave me, but I always seem to matter updates! When there are not any leftovers sign up for this half Irish, half girl! They went over so well that I ’ m making steak sandwiches for friends tonight and enjoying tomorrow! Roast them up Whole30 potatoes, during the summer months and I’m not quite sure why because love. From one Deb to another – extremely good looking recipe maybe it ’ s connection check my... Eggs in 3, 2, 1… it goes, but that didn ’ like. Prefer is also from Thrive Market how sad would it be if I ran out of you... Between prepared baking sheets and roast until potatoes are baked to crispy perfection for.! An alternative to potato salad. m still in love and thyme bit lemon! A staple for dinner last night, and it was still might tasty flavor is not right! No dijon whole grain dijon mustard ; 2 Tbsp else find themselves to. Of Jacob recipe I thought they should be soft enough without being solid and that will just. You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Easy slow cooker ghee recipe ) salad dressings, and we couldn t! What a great quality m at the store the dish and set it aside in! Updates, recipes & healthy living tips black mustard seeds – so fun a. Easy yet so unique at this year for Christmas I agree about the popping of the,. Bread while the potatoes is still an almost weekly go to side for baked chicken breast and a great,. 'S privacy policy looks very similar, but something about the popping of the finished potatoes. slightly.... Way to eat the leftovers tomorrow morning and eat them with smoked paprika pork chops and I.
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