A thorough cleaning with a mop and gentle detergent, such as dish soap, may help remove residual grime and lighten the stain. It makes a big difference. Upon calling Trex and submitting a warranty claim to have the material covered, Trex completely washed their hands of any responsibility and emailed some generic letter that it was installed improperly. Mine started to warp within a few months of installation and the company is not standing behind their product. All the nails are the same so the space will be even. Increasingly, the 95% recycled content in Trex Residential decking products plays an appealing and valuable role in consumer buying decisions. Changes in operating assets and liabilities: Net cash provided by operating activities, Expenditures for property, plant and equipment, Proceeds from sales of property, plant and equipment, Proceeds from employee stock purchase and option plans, Net (decrease) increase in cash and cash equivalents, Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period, Cash and cash equivalents at end of period, Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies of 2020, 2020 Sustainability Leadership Award by the, Builder Magazine’s 2020 Brand Use Study – #1 in Brand Familiarity, #1 Brand Most Used, #1 Brand Used Most in the Past Two Years, #1 in Overall Quality, Green Builder Media’s best Brand Index score for the decking category, Green Builder Media’s Readers’ Choice Award – “Greenest decking”, for an unprecedented 10-year streak. Review: All necessary documentation has been received & your claim is being reviewed by your consumer loyalty advocate. “Trex brand leadership continues to position us at the forefront of strong secular trends for the composite decking and railing industry. Every material in the construction trade can have a bad manufacturing run. According to Trex, all newer products being sold today are designed to resist fading and are backed by a 25 – year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty that guarantees products will not fade in color from light and weathering exposure by more than 5 Delta E (CIE) units – a margin of difference that would be hardly noticeable to the human eye. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Trex does not warrant that the Product is stain-proof, and does not warrant stain resistance resulting from spilled or otherwise applied food and beverage substances which are not properly cleaned as provided above within one (1) week of exposure. We contacted Trex, got the runaround. Pro Tip: Check with Trex before using any cleaning product on the deck. Copyright © 2021 Gambrick Construction – website by On Your Mark Design and Graphics. Dirt clings to composite decking more so than wood and it stands out a lot more too. Trex will hold a conference call to discuss its third quarter 2020 results and other corporate matters on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Trex Decking Warranty Issues; Trex Decking Warranty Issues. Since Trex decking is warranted for 25 years, I filed a warranty claim only to find out the quality problem I experienced was systemic and subject to a Class Action suit against Trex. In fact, Trex is so confident in the stain resietance of their products they back their entire decking portfolio with a 25 – … In addition to 25 to 30 years being the manufacturer reported number, numerous third party tests also confirm the lifespan of composite decking. If a stain occurs and can’t be cleaned the only remedy is replacing the entire board. Consolidated gross margin was 36.7%, compared to 42.4% in the year-ago quarter. This Is Not An Issue With Newer Trex Decking Models like it was with their first generation products. !” Says T. K. of Longview, WA. Please contact www.hbsslaw.com Also, for the flaking and warping issues, Trex acknowledged there was an issue. The product fades, warps, holds water, molds terrible, and now it’s literally falling apart! In addition to the financial measures prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), we use the non-GAAP financial measure of earnings before interest, income taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) EBITDA as a percentage of net sales, EBITDA margin, to assess performance. Recently announced price increases on certain products that will go into effect at the beginning of the new year, combined with disciplined cost management and continuous improvement efforts, are expected to more than offset increased costs related to the new capacity ramp-up and expected inflation for raw materials. or 12″ o.c. Check with Trex before using any cleaner on your decking. Net income for the nine months of 2020 totaled $132 million, or $1.14 per diluted share, up 21.1% and 22.6%, respectively, compared to net income of $109 million, or $0.93 per diluted share, for the nine months of 2019. This is where Trex hidden deck fasteners come into play. The wrong type can eat into your deck causing spots that won’t come out. Under normal circumstances the answer is No, Trex decking isn’t bouncy. New models, according to Trex, do not have this issue and are guaranteed against mold stains. Premium grade Trex decking seams to perform much better in the field as does newer decking. Q. However, if you don’t want to use clips and opt for screws or plugs then we recommend setting the gap to a minimum or .25″ which is what Trex recommends. Excluding the warranty charge, consolidated gross margin was 39.5%. Trex decking, especially older, cheaper models, can stain a blackish color over time. Even though acknowledging that there would not be enough boards to replace the defective ones. In 1996 Trex launched its line of composite decking products to rave reviews and revolutionized the decking industry. Need further information on Trex’s extensive product portfolio? Customer Relations 160 Exeter Drive Winchester, VA 22603-8605 Trex does not warrant against and is not responsible for, and no implied warranty shall be deemed to cover, any condition attributable to: (1) improper installation of TrexTrim products and/or failure to … It looked beautiful! Going public in 1999, Trex has become the world’s largest manufacturer of wood alternative decking products offering the industry’s widest array of composite deck products, which are available in more than 40 countries around the world. The Problems With Composite Decking. Trex truly is a fantastic decking product. The deck boards look exactly the same, but don’t always perform the same when in the field. The whole deck has tripping hazzards. The new style dimmer has a plug with Trex Residential Products net sales increased 20% to $218 million with Trex Commercial Products contributing $13 million to net sales. With each failure they’ve learned a lesson and improved the product. Again, it seems completely random when this happens, but it happens often enough that you should know about it. Trex Overview. VERY unhappy with this product! We recommend using Trex Elevations light gauge steel framing for most of our projects. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to: the extent of market acceptance of the Company’s current and newly developed products; the costs associated with the development and launch of new products and the market acceptance of such new products; the sensitivity of the Company’s business to general economic conditions; the impact of seasonal and weather-related demand fluctuations on inventory levels in the distribution channel and sales of the Company’s products; the availability and cost of third-party transportation services for the Company’s products; the Company’s ability to obtain raw materials at acceptable prices; the Company’s ability to maintain product quality and product performance at an acceptable cost; the level of expenses associated with product replacement and consumer relations expenses related to product quality; the highly competitive markets in which the Company operates; cyber-attacks, security breaches or other security vulnerabilities; the impact of upcoming data privacy laws and the General Data Protection Regulation and the related actual or potential costs and consequences; material adverse impacts from global public health pandemics, including the strain of coronavirus known as COVID-19; and material adverse impacts related to labor shortages or increases in labor costs. deck joists. Trex Decking is Flaking. Deck board spacers are also available. Deck boards are thin so they can’t safely span longer distances than 16″. Rinse area with water. Yes. In fact, we’ve never had a single complaint or warranty claim filed for any Trex deck we’ve ever built. Trex is always improving their product lines so check for newer Trex decking reviews as old complaints may be obsolete. The only way to prevent this is constant, regular cleanings. We consider EBITDA to be an important supplemental indicator of our core operating performance because it eliminates many differences among companies in capitalization and tax structures, capital investment cycles and ages of related assets. Cleaning complaints are fairly common problems with Trex decking that are actually an issue with all types of composite decking. Your decking will only be a straight as the lumber you install it on. They not only look great because you don’t see the screws but they also set each gap perfectly. Reconciliation of net income (GAAP) to EBITDA (non-GAAP) is as follows: EBITDA as a percentage of net sales (EBITDA margin). The Trex company formed in 1996, and its original product was one of the first alternatives to wood decking. With virtually every product covered by our original industry-leading 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty, you can rest assured that your garden investment is well protected. Improper fastening can lead to issues down the road as the decking and wood framing expands and contracts. Even if it didn’t, we could rebuild the entire deck and still be money ahead. 2. Offer Sent: We have emailed &/or mailed your formal offer letter, & we are awaiting your response. If your going with composite decking rather than wood, even though it’s a maintenance free product, it still needs constant cleaning to look it’s best. But they’re dedicated to constantly improving the product which means the decking their selling today is much better than what they offered in the past. Check for continuity and polarity. Yes ‐‐‐> For old style dimmer you have clip on connections. December 31, 2019, respectively, View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201102005862/en/, Dennis C. SchemmVice President and CFO Everybody knows color fades in the sun, but composite decking companies seem to be oblivious to how badly their products actually look when left out in the sun. Sanding destroys this shell layer and causes odd discoloration and markings in the surface that are irreversible. It’s permanent and won’t wash off. Between my main deck attached to the house and the smaller deck and gangway that lead to my floating EZ-Dock, I have just under 900 square feet of Trex surface, or about 1,800 linear feet of 1″ x 6″ Trex boards. It seems that under some conditions the coating seal placed on Trex composite decking can fail, exposing it to the elements. ", "If … Excessive fading is covered under the Trex warranty. Replacing severely damaged boards seems to be the only remedy. The blogs are full of people with same complaints. We notice this issue showing up after years of use and with older, cheaper models of Trex. Some Trex decking will have problems and others of the same type will not. Decomposed first generation Trex decking. “Moving to an adult community, we decided to replace the wood deck with Trex, as their ads touted ‘easy care’, ‘low maintenance’. While great for driveways, wooden decks and siding, 1500 psi pressure washers will destroy the outer coating of Trex composite decking, possibly voiding your warranty. Details of the adjustment are disclosed in Note 18 to the Company’s Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements in the Form 10-Q for the quarterly period ended September 30, 2020. Staining is a major problem with older model Trex decking and a huge issue with older composite decking products in general. But should you need warranty claim information, see the link below for how to contact us with your concerns. The preceding warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty, express and implied, extended by IBP, LLC with respect to TREX® PROTECT®. 540-542-6300, Lynn Morgen/Viktoriia NakhlaAdvisIRy Partners Apply a small amount with a soft cloth and rub. Also when checking reviews make sure their talking about your specific model decking since Trex decking issues vary from model to model. Excessive bounce could become a problem in the future. We found out about a class action suit regarding the mold/mildew problems and fading problems. Many Trex deck owners have complained of flaking, deterioration and even in extreme cases virtual disintegration of their Trex decks. Sanding is not recommended for Trex decking products. The Company expressly disclaims any obligation to update or revise publicly any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Trex has absolutely had problems in the past but their constantly trying to improve and perfect their decking products. I would NEVER ever recommend this brand. With a Trex communicator in hand, you can properly diagnose device issues in the field. The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. “I was lured by the durability and lack of maintenance as advertised. Offer Sent: We have emailed &/or mailed your formal offer letter, & we are awaiting your response. to Trex, within the warranty period referred to above, a description of the claimed defect and proof of purchase, to the following address: Trex Company, Inc. In fact, Trex is so confident in the stain resietance of their products they back their entire decking portfolio with a 25 – year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause the Company's actual operating results to differ materially. We never use markers or snap lines with chalk. The nails act as a spacer just like when you install tile. Please review the details of your warranty coverage by clicking on the View Warranties link to the left of this information. In fact that’s true of just about anything you buy. Pressure washing is another no-no. Claim Process. Some Trex decking has faded so quickly in just a couple of seasons that replacements boards stand out like a sore thumb. September 30, 2020 and December 31, 2019, respectively, Treasury stock, at cost, 24,777,502 and 23,893,484 shares at September 30, 2020 and Pressure washing is another no no for older decking models but on newer model decking a pressure washer can be used to remove dirt and dust. But, if your buying a home that has an existing Trex deck with older, cheaper decking. Are you kidding? Warning: Before using any product on your Trex deck check with Trex first to make sure it won’t damage the decks surface. The AMS Trex Device Communicator allows for simple issues to be addressed on the spot, avoiding unnecessary, and potentially destructive, invasive physical investigation of the problem. Project Built By* If this warranty is being registered by a contractor and would like information on our TrexPro program, please call us at 800-289-8739. Three new production lines in Nevada are operational and the initial production lines at our new Virginia facility will begin start up in the first quarter of 2021, with additional production ramping through the second quarter. And when they do a common complaint has to due with customer service and warranty issues. Demand for Trex products continues to outpace supply reflecting consumer preferences for the superior aesthetics and high performance of our products and continued strength in the repair and remodel sector. Use of a power washer will damage the decking surface and will void the warranty with … A wooden deck would have cost 1/2 what this cost and would have lasted just as long. Trex Says Newer Products Don’t Stain New model Trex decking with capped design don’t have staining problems like the older products do according to Trex. A simple garden hose with a lower pressure fitting, coupled with detergent and a mop for tough spots, is your best bet for cleaning Trex deck. Trex will not listen to complaints; they simply send a boilerplate letter using "environmental issues" as an excuse to deny responsibility. have the most up-to-date installation instructions by visiting: trex.com Have Questions? “Third quarter profitability, exclusive of the warranty charge, demonstrated the successful execution of our low-cost, highly-efficient operating model, which more than offset the anticipated increased labor and depreciation costs related to capacity expansion and COVID-19 management.” noted Bryan H. Fairbanks, President and Chief Executive Officer. Since that time Trex has diligently worked to revise, expand, and perfect their line of composite decking products. If you have to snap a line make sure you use blue chalk and plan on cutting the line so none of the blue remains. “For the 2020 fourth quarter, we expect consolidated net sales of approximately $210 million to $220 million, representing 30% growth at the midpoint of the range. “We purchased the Trex in 2008, and it was an expensive mistake. Trex is engineered to endure decades of foul weather and foot traffic, with the warranty coverage to prove it. Gross margin for Trex Residential Products and Trex Commercial Products was 37.4% and 24.4%, respectively. Trex offers the best warranty coverage in the industry so you can rest assured that your investment is well protected. Now it seems more people are becoming dissatisfied with the longevity and quality of Trex products. Net income was $48 million, or $0.41 per diluted share, up 13% and 14%, respectively, and EBITDA increased 16% to $68 million and EBITDA margin was 29.4%. 140,374,926 shares issued and 115,785,673 and 116,481,442 shares outstanding at Pro Tip: Always use pencil to make your marks since graphite easily washes off the decks surface. This is causing drainage problems and staining of the pieces is becoming very difficult to clean. Follow manufacturer’s instructions, but refrain from using power washers. Trex ordered an independent inspection of our decking found that it’s covered under … We have a large deck, and replacing only the bad boards isn’t an option since there is so much damage and fading the new boards will look like a completely different product. To participate on the day of the call, dial 1-844-792-3734, or internationally 1-412-317-5126, approximately ten minutes before the call and tell the operator you wish to join the Trex Company Conference Call. Especially prevalent on older and uncapped composited decking, mold shows up quickly and is more difficult to eradicate than you’d expect. It’s dusty and muddy and dirty. Chalk lines are typically used in construction to mark straight lines. So, what are the biggest problems with Trex decking, and what can you do about them? There is a current lawsuit in CA for mold and mildew issues (black spots). We build using Trex composite decking regularly because it’s known for it’s gorgeous style and long lifespan. It also stains and scratches easily. We’re a custom home builder in NJ and build decks with Trex decking on a regular basis. Any product can have issues from time to time and Trex is definitely no exception. I could just go out and sweep most of the dirt off and hose most everything else. Get Notified About New Articles, GREAT DEALS on Home Goods, Videos & Product Reviews. Here’s a gallery of beautiful decks to remind you exactly why you wanted that Trex deck in the first place. However, over time some types of Trex decking can become spongy and bounce more than when it’s brand new. New model Trex decking with capped design don’t have staining problems like the older products do according to Trex. Trek Care. DISCLAIMER OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES. We believe that the use of non-GAAP measures helps investors to gain a better understanding of our core operating results and future prospects, consistent with how management measures and forecasts the Company’s performance, especially when comparing such results to previous periods or forecasts. If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. With virtually every product covered by our original industry-leading 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty, you can rest assured that your garden investment is well protected. My Trex Stories; All Ideas; Why Trex® Get an Estimate Discover Which Trex Fits Your Budget; Trex vs. the Competition; The Industry Leader; Eco-Friendly Decking; Planning Resources; FAQs; Deck Planning Basics; Design Considerations; Deck Starter Tool; Products. “My Trex decking is 10 years old and has substantially deteriorated to the point where it is rough and pitted and the interior core material has become exposed. This problem lasted all summer. Companies like Trex stand behind their products and warranty them but they have to be installed properly. Because of this acknowledgement you can be sure when you buy a Trex deck you will have color fading. That’s considering your installing perpendicular to the joists and not on an angle. Tannin can then leach into your deck causing discolorations. Now having said all that and assuming your deck is framed properly, is Trex decking bouncy? We’d love to hear from you. “We installed Trex back in 2006-2008 not sure of exact date. Also, Trex is a leading national provider of custom-engineered railing and staging systems for the commercial and multi-family market, including performing arts venues and sports stadiums. I used a product recommended by the deck supplier and mold reappeared within 2 weeks. Now, when it comes to the cheap Trex options, I’d be sceptical about getting 25 to 30 years out of them without some sort of major issue popping up. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! Any chalk lines and other marks that do not dust off will be permanent, but may be lightened with acetone, which is available in the paint department of any hardware store. A simple garden hose with a lower pressure fitting, coupled with detergent and a mop for tough spots, is your best bet for cleaning Trex deck. I hired a well-reviewed local contractor who added additional deck joists (so they were 12″ on center) and installed my new Trex deck. Even the chalk dusting off the line can cause a permanent stain. During the 2020 third quarter, the Company recognized a charge of $6.5 million to the Trex Residential warranty reserve related to the legacy surface flaking issue that affected a portion of the products manufactured at the Nevada plant prior to 2007. But we also let them know that composite decks can last far longer. Make sure the cleaner you plan to use is compatible with the model decking you have. Trex offers a wide selection of deck boards and they’re not all made the same. It’s absolutely terrible.” Says and unnamed source. An Example Of Excessive Fading. Framing with steel eliminates a lot of issues you can face when framing with wood. This can be helped with a deck brightening product such as Pour-N-Restore, which Trex recommends for cleaning older decking products. However, if you do your research, you’ll find that problems with Trex decking do happen from time to time. Just a few months after installation, mold started to appear. Once you install the next board remove the nails and drive new ones next to the board you just installed. Trex is engineered to endure decades of foul weather and foot traffic, with the warranty coverage to prove it. One of the biggest problems with older Trex decking is color fading. Common stock, $0.01 par value, 180,000,000 shares authorized; 140,563,175 and Scrubbing your Trex deck regularly with a soft brush, warm soapy water and a small amount of bleach is recommended to fight against mold and mildew growth, which is a common problem with Trex Decking. Make sure to keep grease away from a Trex deck. But it certainly shows up and when it does the deck can become unusable. As a result of our improved visibility and a more stable economic backdrop, the Trex Board of Directors has reinstated our share buyback program,” Mr. Fairbanks concluded. Even if you cut away a chalk line some of the chalk can still get onto the decks surface and stain so be careful. Third Quarter 2020 Conference Call and Webcast Information. Use the proper fasteners and make sure to fasten deck boards in the right way.