I worked at Yale University Press for less than a year. Cons. Multiple internships are offered annually and aim to familiarize students with the … The Yale Book of Quotations app brings together a collection of over 13,000 quotations and proverbs from Yale University Press’s award-winning title The Yale Book of Quotations, and the … I was an intern in the Intellectual Property and Administration Department. These paid, full-time, 10- to 12-week positions give you the chance to work side by side with IT professionals on Announcements Application for 2021 Internship now open. Yale University Press offers highly competitive internship opportunities for those interested in publishing in a variety of areas: Acquisitions Editorial, Art Workshop, Intellectual Property/Administration, Marketing, Manuscript Editorial, New Business Development, This summer, I had the opportunity to work at Yale University Press in New Haven CT. This department’s summer intern will provide support to the Publisher, Art & Architecture, and Internships are open to undergraduate, graduate students, and recent graduates within a year of graduation from an undergraduate or graduate program. Internships and Travel Fellowships for Yale Undergraduates The Gallery offers academic-year and summer internships and summer travel fellowships for Yale undergraduates. If you do not enjoy the sometimes tedious task of editing indexes (as I do), then the manuscript editorial internship is not for you. not received an offer by 3/23/20 you have not been granted an internship opportunity for this year’s program. Yale University Press … The internship also offers great opportunities to learn about other areas of the press. Department Internship Descriptions Art Workshop Yale University Press is known for its prestigious art and architecture list, which includes both scholarly monographs and exhibition catalogues. Finding the right words has never been easier. Co-organisers of the annual Bedford Square Arts Festival our staff enjoy access to the square gardens at lunchtimes throughout the summer months. Yale Book of Quotations app. I worked at Yale University Press for more than 3 years Pros The Art and Architecture department at YUP was a great environment to work in--friendly, supportive coworkers, fun and interesting publishing projects, and located on Yale's campus near East Rock and the New Haven Green. Immerse yourself in the dynamic and varied world of Yale Information Technology Services with a IT Summer College Internship. Department Internship Descriptions Art & Architecture ePortal The Yale University Press A&AePortal (www.aaeportal.com) is an innovative digital platform on which to discover and interact with important art and architectural history scholarship. An internship with the Art Workshop offers a wide variety of experience working … The Yale University Press is one of the largest university presses in the United States whose publications have been awarded numerous prestigious prizes over its 100+ year history. About the Program Want to explore careers in the information technology field? Yale University Press London offer a generous package of benefits including accommodation deposit and travel loans, a cycle purchase scheme, a lively social scene and a generous pension scheme.